The globally recognized motivational speaker has released his second book in less than a year, entitled Business and Life Lessons From a Black Dragon

Thembekwayo is among the best speakers in the world and is transferring his experiences in his personal and professional life into a manual of sorts.

The book will officially be launched on 22 August and will most likely be a best-seller, like his previous book, Magna Carter of Exponentiality. This book recounted his personal search of how businesses can play their part in closing the equality gap.

He said his previous book that it was a personal pursuit aimed at understanding the role of economic enterprises can play in the distribution of opportunities, wealth and access.

“To meaningfully change the lives of employees and citizens, business must adopt a mode of thinking, that will generate results well above the market average and even the market-beating average. We call this ‘PLUS x’.”

The “rockstar of public speaking” has his second book which will be released in a matter of weeks details some of his personal experiences that translate into business and life advice.

In his book, for example, he speaks about growing up in Wattville, Benoni, and spending time in the township with his grandmother, who had a chicken coop. He recalls a story of his grandmother tying a chicken’s leg to a tree to free up the coop for cleaning. She kept it there for the while day and later asked Thembekwayo to untie the chicken and return it to the coop. He wrote, that the chicken – even after it being released – didn’t stray from the imaginary circle it was confined to, as though it was resigned to its fate.

“I hate the idea that I, because I am a black man, must lack the means to take control of my own destiny. I can step outside the circle. I can fly,” he wrote.

Source: Destiny Magazine

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