Albe Geldenhuys, launched USN sports supplements in 1999

Even though it sounds like an America product, USN was launched from a small flat in Pretoria, where Albe Geldenhuys’ girlfriend mixed creatin formulations with a hand-cracked washing machine (the Sputnik).

“At first, I wasn’t even thinking about launching a product line or even a business. I just wanted to be out there, selling product and making a profit.”

A born salesman, Geldenhuys didn’t concentrate on business plans or marketing strategies – he focused on selling. “I targeted anyone, I had no strategy beyond just sell, sell, sell.”

The ‘non’ strategy paid off and word began to spread around Health & Racquet clubs in particular – if you wanted good quality sports supplements at an affordable price, Albe was your guy.

The entrepreneur kept things lean – all revenue went back into product, allowing the business to ramp up sales until it was able to support offices and product development at the CSIR.

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