FUNDS; Thembokuhle Shongwe is the second best-performing forex trader in the South African trading currency index and the mastermind behind the Titan Forex Academy.

Be inspired’

I grew up in rural Mpumalanga and, although we didn’t have infrastructure to work with, I had an educational upbringing filled with values. A person’s upbringing and where they come from don’t determine their capabilities or where they’ll end up in life. You learn a lot more from making mistakes than not doing anything at all.

As a kid, I’d hear about stock trading in passing, but I never actually knew what it was or that it would be the thing that would increase my quality of life the way it has. My first encounter in trading was when I met a successful local trader, Jabulani “Cashflow” Ngcobo. He walked in oozing confidence, smelling of cologne that I’d only ever smelled on magazine samplers and I instantly told myself that I’d be a stock trader. My life as a trader began in Ngcobo’s office, where he trained and mentored me. Although the transition from waiter to full-time trader and trainer was difficult, the idea of suddenly making my monthly waiter’s salary in a matter of days, plus the idea that I could finally get more people out of the poverty back home by training them, was what kept me going.

After winning several awards and making enough to sustain myself and my family back home, Titan Forex Academy was the next step. I was finally the example that I wanted to be to all the children in my community and I needed a plan to reinvest the capital I was making. Titan was, and still is, that plan. Not only do we get to help make trading easier for other people and manage risk, but we’re making a difference through financial wealth education.

Our current valuation is at R10 million and growing stronger. We’ll continue to base our business model on training people to be their own bosses, trading stocks instead of doing brokerage, as that market is cluttered already.

Our biggest business challenges are advertising to the right market and getting the company to operate solely on its own cashflow. We shouldn’t be needing to sometimes rescue the company financially, even if it’s by 1%. It’s also quite difficult to convince new traders to join a class because this is an industry that’s also known for scams and organised thievery of all kinds. I find my way through such challenges with the help of mentors and entrepreneurial organisations.


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