Along with the recent launch of her book, Becoming, Michelle Obama has started a retail line of beautiful products. Here are just a few of the items worth investing in – whether as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

In her memoir, Becoming, Michelle recounts her journey of finding her passion and how she kept it alight. Whether you use it in your office or home, this candle will infuse the space with an amber and lily scent, and inspire you to keep your spirit ignited and soul ablaze.

A Slogan Tee


Wearing a message is a great way to remind yourself and those around you of what you stand for. And this thought-provoking statement from Michelle Obama is a great motto to live by. The T-shirt is unisex, and comes in a classic neutral grey that can be dressed up or down.

A Journal for Your Journey

Price: $35

With 200 lined pages, this notebook is where you can capture your hopes and dreams, and the moves you make towards realising them. The title is a constant encouragement to remember that you are unique and must never compare yourself to others. Made with a soft matte cover, the journal is classically elegant and, even if you don’t have anything you need to write down, the forty quotes scattered throughout make it a worthwhile read.

Head to the shop to see other items in the Becoming range, including hoodies, caps and mugs. Items start shipping from 26 November, but you can place orders from today.

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