Think you know the king of social networking? See if you knew these facts.

1) He’s only five foot eight, but looks taller because he stands up very straight.

2) He has been in a long-term relationship with Priscilla Chan, who is taking a medical degree and hopes to be a pediatrician, since meeting her at a Friday night party at the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi where he was carrying beer glasses which said #include beer.h.

3) His father is a dentist whose website says “we cater for cowards”.

4) So that his father could be notified when there was a patient in the waiting room downstairs in the dentist practice attached to the house, he created a network. He called it ZuckNet.

5) While he was still in high school (equivalent to secondary school in the UK) he wrote a program that would recommend music based on what you liked.

6) He was approached by Microsoft, which was interested in buying it, but he declined.

7) He is not (contrary to the film’s claim) the youngest billionaire; that credit actually goes to Dustin Moskovitz, who is eight days younger than Zuckerberg and was one of his roommates – and co-founders of Facebook – at Harvard University.

8) Moskovitz is a billionaire (worth $1.4bn) solely by virtue of the estimated value of Facebook shares ($76 on the unofficial “aftermarket”): he owns a slew of them.

9) Zuckerberg’s favourite film director on his Facebook page is Aaron Sorkin.

10) Or was, until he found out that Sorkin had directed written The Social Network. Then Sorkin’s name went away.


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