WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW? Jeff Bezos divorce announcement in January started with a seemingly heartfelt and straightforward tweet from the couple and soon after spiraled into allegations of blackmail over nude photos and a private investigation into leaked texts.

Apparently this is what it looks like when the world’s richest person gets divorced.

The split, which was finalized in early April, has transformed Bezos’ public persona from a privacy-seeking tech geek to a supermarket tabloid regular, with gossip pages dishing on the couple’s massive fortune of roughly $150 billion and on Bezos’ steamy texts to his new girlfriend.

Beyond the world of TMZ and Page Six, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’ divorce will have a big impact on Amazon’s ownership and create new challenges for the company. And though it’s unlikely, that turbulence could even harm consumers by slowing Amazon’s rapid pace of growth and innovation.

The divorce had been expected to result in one of the biggest and most notable settlements in history. It ultimately lived up to that hype.

“Jeff remains very much focused on and engaged in Amazon,” company spokesman Drew Herdener said in January.



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