Christmas is all about sharing experiences and making not only your closest people but everyone around you feel special. So, you have a plethora of ways to give to the people around you. There are so many, that if you just go out to your neighborhood for 15 minutes you yourself will find plenty. But, we have provided you some ideas for you to think of!


  • Volunteering: It could be a homeless shelter, or to any sort of organization that works for the interests of the “unfortunate” social groups of the community. Doing something good for the community will give you a sense of satisfaction like nothing else.
  • No gift for Christmas: If you are looking for something creative as an alternative solution to make this Christmas a special one, I have a suggestion for you. Don’t buy any gifts for you or your family, and have them do the same. Then, use all of the money you have accumulated, to do something good for the community. I mean, like I said, sharing is caring, right?
  • Carefully picking your presents: Instead of just picking the first thing in the shop to give as a Christmas present, try to give some thought to it, so that the receiver actually enjoys it. Maybe even write a Christmas message for them and give them a Christmas card to go along with that present! Then, not only them, but even you will be more satisfied by seeing joy overflowing the other person.



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